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The Network for Good

The Bisexual Resource Center and Cinemental
present Bis Night Out
to mark the Ninth Celebrate Bisexuality Day

Wednesday, September 17, 10:00 pm
Brattle Theatre, 40 Brattle Street, Cambridge

Come out and Celebrate Bisexuality Day with the Boston bi community. We'll be viewing an eclectic array of bi-themed films, including the historic speech by Lani Ka'ahumanu at the 1993 GLBT March on Washington.
Some of the fabulous film fare you'll find that night.

Directed by Jenn Garrison.
Two friends compete for the attention of the same woman in the supermarket, but the checkout counter gets even more interesting.

On My Skin/En Mi Piel
Directed by Amy André.
On the cusp of gender transition from female to male, Logan Gutierrez-Mock, a light-skinned person of mixed race, realizes he will soon be passing not only as a man, but also as a white man.

Shady Bi
Directed by April Faith Hirschman.
This satirical comedy warns the viewer of the dangers of bisexual women.

Street Haunting
Directed by Kami Chisholm.
No matter where she goes, from a summer party in a mansion to the city streets on a winter's evening, Virginia is haunted by the presence of Vita.

Whatever Suits You
Directed by Ashley Altadonna.
In this film, the director parallels the process of transforming a suit into a dress with all the physical, mental, and emotional processes of changing genders.

Bi Camp
Directed by Wayne Bryant.
Every year bisexuals gather in August at a private camping area in western Massachusetts for a week of outdoorsiness. Here's a quick peek into Bi Camp.

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