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Bisexual Health Awareness Month Links

To help raise awareness about the severe physical and mental health disparities the bisexual community is suffering, the Bisexual Resource Center has designated March as Bisexual Health Awareness Month. All month-long the BRC will be running a social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter to highlight the challenges our community is facing and what can be done to make positive changes in these areas. Below you will find important links to material that will be used in the campaign. We encourage you to access this material and use it in ongoing coverage of the bisexual community. Click on graphics to see larger image.


Week One: Biphobia & Mental Health


Top 10 Health Concerns for Bisexuals

"31 Days of Bi Wellness" produced by the Los Angeles Bi Task Force

The Task Force’s Bisexual Health Report

San Francisco Human Rights Commission’s Invisibility Report

No Golden Years at the End of the Rainbow: How a Lifetime of Discrimination Compounds Economic and Health Disparities for LGBT Older Adults

Bisexuality-Aware Professional Directory

Toronto’s Rainbow Health’s “This Is Our Community” Bisexual Anti-Stigma Campaign

PEW’s Survey of LGBT Americans

American Institute of Bisexuality’s “It Gets Better” video

One Equal World’s “Biphobia: The Attitude that Plagues the LGBTQ Community"

1990 - Bisexual Manifesto

Top Health Issues for LGBT Populations: Behavioral Health Issues Section

Risk and Resilience among Bisexual People in Ontario: A Community-Based Study of Bisexual Mental Health


Week Two: Sexual Health


Fenway Health’s “Safer Sex for Bisexuals and Their Partners”

Locate an STI or HIV Testing Center Near You

Tips for Health Care Providers When Working With Bisexual Clients

Sexual Health for Lesbian and Bisexual Women

STDs: Conversation Starters

In Los Angeles, Helping Gay and Bisexual Men Achieve Sexual Health

Out2Enroll: Affordable Care Act Info for LGBT Community

Find a Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Near You

Transgender Sexual & Reproductive Health: Unmet Needs & Barriers to Care>

Sexual Risk Factors from AIDS.gov

Gay and Bisexual Men's Health


Week Three: Nutrition & Movement


LGBT People Are Disproportionally Food Insecure

Body image: Gay and Bi Men Paying the Price of Perfection

Champions of Change: Strengthening Food Security

Anabolic Steroid Use Concerning Among Gay and Bisexual Adolescent Boys

Here’s Looking at You: Yoga, Fat & Fitness

The Vegan Abolitionist

Heart-Health Screenings

What I See Project

Nutrition.gov: Food Assistance Programs

Getting Active: Taking Charge of Your Health

Exercise and Fitness Over 50


Week Four: Sexual Assault & Intimate Partner VIolence


CDC National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey

National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women

If You're Not Straight, You're at Higher Risk for Domestic Violence

The Network/La Red’s Bisexual Partner Abuse Handout

The Network/La Red’s Bisexual Partner Abuse Handout – Spanish Version

Fenway Health’s How you can help a friend deal with intimate partner violence

Stalking Resource Center

Stop Telling Women to Smile

Ten Things to End Rape Culture

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