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Bisexual Resources:

The Bisexual Resource Center produced the Bisexual Resource Guide, an international listing of bisexual groups, for many years. In this age of the Internet, however, the printed guide is no longer the best way for bisexuals to find each other. We are in the process of determining how we will continue to provide contact information to groups around the world, but in the meantime, here are a few of the active groups we are aware of. If you belong to a group that you would like to have listed here please drop us an email at with information about your group and the URL to use.

United States
AMBI Los Angeles
American Institute of Bisexuality
Bay Area Bisexual Network
Bi Cafe
Bi Definition: Milwaukee
Bisexual Organizing Project (BOP)
Biversity Boston
Boston Bisexual Women's Network
ComBIne in Columbus, Ohio
Dallas/Fort Worth Bi Net
Fenway Health's Bi Health Program
Los Angeles Bi Task Force
New York Area Bisexual Network
Robyn Ochs's site
Seattle Bisexual Women's Network
The Bi Writers Association

BiNet Canada
Bisexual Men of Toronto
Bisexual Women of Toronto
Toronto Bisexual Network

AmBIvalence Strasbourg France
Bi' Cause Paris France
Bigruppen Danmark
Bi Irish
BINE Germany
Bi Scotland in Germany
Manchester England Bisexuals
UK: The Bisexual Index

Middle East
Bi and Pansexuals Israel

Bi-NSW Inc.

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