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Dear BRC Supporter,

Some astounding news recently:

* Earlier this year the Williams Institute proclaimed that bisexuals make up more than half of the 3.5% of Americans who identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual. (And quite a number who didn’t identify as bisexual still reported significant attraction and actual experiences / relationships with more than one gender.)

* Researchers at Northeastern University released their findings in August that “prove” bisexual men exist by showing they have different responses to arousing imagery than gay or straight men.

* San Francisco’s Human Rights Commission issued a report this year that included evidence that bisexuals have higher rates of depression, anxiety and substance abuse than the gay and lesbian community.

Statistics are valuable, and illustrate important information about our community’s needs – however, the BRC doesn’t need anyone to tell us that bi men exist, and I’m sure neither do you. We know bisexuals exist, and WE MATTER!

The BRC has been creating resources and fostering bi community across the USA for over 25 years and, thanks to you, we’ve helped thousands of bi women and men in that time. We understand the complex and extremely diverse lives our community encompasses, so we take our mission of raising awareness about bisexuality seriously.

Just this year the BRC:

* Helped facilitate the second annual Bi/Pan/Fluid Institute at NGLTF’s Creating Change conference in Minneapolis, continuing to skill-build with activists from across the country and strengthening connections between bi organizations and leaders. And we’re already at work on the third institute set for Baltimore in January 2012!

* Participated in a queer history panel in June at the Harriet Tubman House in Boston to mark the publication of Michael Bronski’s A Queer History of the United States, offering a perspective not often discussed.

* Reached out to LGBT community at Northampton, Boston and Connecticut Prides—the last at which I delivered a speech about the need for using our combined visibility to move our community forward in the fight for civil rights.

* Was mentioned in The New York Times article “No Surprise for Bisexual Men: Report Indicates They Exist” about Northeastern University’s research into bi men’s sexual arousal pattern.

* Sponsored the amazing Bilicious Boston show for the second year at Club Café (a night of bi-positive comedy, spoken word, music – even hula hooping )!

Still to come, the BRC:

* Will participate in the Out & Equal Workplace Summit in Dallas in late October for the second year to increase bi inclusion within the struggle for workplace equity.

* Will launch its redesigned website ( before Thanksgiving! We’ll have even more vital resources, bi community news, bi youth pages, cool bi-positive gifts like t-shirts, buttons, books, stickers and more, and our new fabulous bi-positive advice column, Ask Tiggy!

* Will help convene a gathering of bi leaders from around the country to brainstorm and strategize our movement’s goals and tactics.

With your help, we will continue to nurture the growing Boston bi community, work in coalition with LGBT organizations to expand our civil rights, and work with other bi organizations across the country—and the world—to increase understanding and visibility of bi lives.

There’s always more that needs to be done to support the needs of the bi community, so we still need your help today to continue increasing visibility. Please make a donation today of $25, $50, $100 or more. Money is tight, but we can attest that the impact is very real for all who have benefitted from the work of the BRC.

For people dealing with a host of issues and uncertainties, the BRC has literally saved lives; reunited families; counseled friends and loved ones of bisexuals who decide to come out; facilitated bi-friendly workplaces; fostered allies in the gay, trans, and straight communities; and provided an essential platform from which we push back against latent and overt biphobia that litters the media and culture at large.

Your support, through donating time or money (or both), is the only way we keep thriving. So thank you for everything you do – and here’s to another season of bisexual activism!

Ellyn Ruthstrom
President, Bisexual Resource Center

P.S. Can't donate as much as you want in one shot? Consider an automatic monthly donation you can set up with Network for Good at the bottom of our homepage Any support helps us continue the fight!

P.P.S. Absolutely can’t give at this time? We understand. Please reach out to us anyway. If you have a skill or some time, let us know and get involved!

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